Urban scenario

The ways of recording temporal and spatial changes are addressed to discovering and deductive explanation, scrutinizing an ambiguity of urban situations with respect to different degrees of organisation and specific character of selected urban areas. Conceptual diagrammatic representations, ideograms are currently replaced in accordance with new technologies by mapping space on the basis of information accumulation, variable transcriptions and dematerialization. The initial idea of creating author’s records through methodologies and new techniques is developed through research of two distinctive groups of records, oscillating between perception and cognition: between visual and digital record. A significant phenomenon surveyed is that of finding a relation between author’s selected records, their manipulation and processing through computational procedures.

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In a context of digital architecture mostly oriented on programming, modeling and digital image processing, design methodology is radically changing. Today, within new methods of digital design oriented on processes rather than an architectural representation itself, we can experience the shift from conceptual diagrams to concentration of information in a record. Since the early 1960s by accruement of computer technologies, an integration of computational techniques to design processes has been discussed and nowadays is being reformulated in more complex relations. Through critical insight on previous methodologies, in particular on Formalistic design, which resulted in an exuberant production of design rules, currently we can better understand, why methodological research is more deeply oriented on substitution of these formal computer applications by methods conceived from a view of multiple interactions.

What represent new time-space mapping techniques and how it is possible to transcript temporal data into a visually -geometrical record or into abstract form of script? Consequently, in which kind are these records processed, what is the character of programming languages and how are they influencing the design process? I realized, how theoretical knowledge in a field of urban design methodology  is interconnected with methods of programming languages.






Through examination of complexity of records, I start from three factors of changes, which are represented by temporal dimensions, geometries and dematerialization of digital media. Speculations on the impact of digital technologies are made considering to generating new conceptions of design methods.

urban notations



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