Urban processes

Conceptualization of the drawing-sketches processes

Search for and creation of innovative design processes, hybridization of methods and implementation of various imaging and architecture generating media in the design processes; these are some of the key aspects characterizing the current development of architectural design methods. The authorial records are created using a hybrid method combining both non-digital and digital media (drawings/aquarelles and programmed behaviour – script). Drawings/aquarelles represent an initiation stage – they serve as a tool to identify different processes taking place in the examined area : Bratislava-Petržalka. These drawings and aquarelles are characterized by a different relationship with time and from a certain point of view they represent oscillation between the process records and designs – a prediction of possible processes.



Urban processes

1.Territorial dynamics – Acceleration –  Circulations, 2. Movement- Free space, 3. Concentration- Homogeneity, 4. Process of Appropriation, 5. Interactions, 6. Expansiveness




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