TACE | Theatre Architecture | Ljublana

TACE : Theatre Architecture in Central Europe

Vision and Possibilities, Ljubljana City Hall, 25.11-15.12, 2009

Immaterial ,,tactile” , spatial and temporal levels are revealing by mapping of Ljublana. They appears like symbols- dragon, or like unique arragements of Plecnik’s  buildings, always mirroring it’s environment. Geometry of dragon curve is manipulated and interpreted by Plecnik’s genocodes.

The starting points are deriveredfrom the positions of three bridges and locations of three buildings at Zale cemetery. Dragon curve is rewrited by measured angles between Trnovo bridge, Suice and Clobers bridge and by ratio of interleaving spaces. Theatre is conceived like ingenunous interconnection with city.Three main aspects evoke desire for an experimental form : perception , time and participations. Essential attention between actor and spectator has it’s metaphoric meaning. What happens at a specific place at a specific time in a city? ,,Theatre” happens at that moment when exploring entities perform impulses and structure react on them …Every city-space has it’s own stories, images, atmosphere, mystery… Exploring entities are capturing physical -movement…, mental- emotions, feelings…, visible /invisible activities. They don’t have to be carried out in a sequence any more,they can be in many aspects simultaneous or even mixed with each other. All reflect an ephemeral moods and events of the city.This sence of the momental activity and circulating, re-creates structure of theatrical space. Through different media and as consequence of this process, they are demonstrated by changing it’s intensity and colour of lighting, it’s density ,or by the multiplicity of forms responding to received suggestion….It express connection between the individual and public realm. The structure itself is a public. People, their meeting and activities are behavioural factors.Differentiated colour layers simply immediate movements .All is acting in reciprocal ,, imitation”. All in simultaneous perception …

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