The Storytelling Pavilion | Sensible Surfaces

Gallery Medium,Hviezdoslavovo námestie 18, 814 37 Bratislava


Architecture Week Prague,Gallery Mánes,Masarykovo nábřeží 1,110 00 Prague



CNC-fabricated structure, co-author:Martin Varga


Visualization:Martin Varga



Expansive motion from compact form to an intricate form.

Typology of moving elements  (materials: translucent panels, perforated tiles, foils, steel frames)

1. Container geometry. (outdoor structure) Container slabs consist of an extensile segments. They can push out or push forward.

2. Sets of moveable elements along the edge of container wall. (indoor structure)

3. Rotating components. (indoor structure).Elements are coupled together with joints and have ability to follow different rotating program, they are able to rotate onto the  edge of the frames.

Deployable elements

Joints are necessary to connect two elements with each other, the joints  coordinate the angle of rotation and displacement.

The physical arrangement of the rigid member´s:defining it´s possible  motions. Transformer uses three different types of joints. Cartesian  coordinate joint has three linear axes. Spherical workspace has one linear and two rotating axes. Cylindrical  mode has two linear axis and one rotary axis.


move in the air, changing into combat arms, machinery and alternating their size. They follow their own military strategies. (Transformers)

The geometry of the pavilion is based on the combination of the motion and time data that are provided from the transformation of the Optimus Primus transformer with the use of its futuristic technology enabling the fast changes of forms.The pavilion functions in two forms.

The first one is that of a unified container /attractor/ dragging people in; after the necessary weight capacity of 1,600kg (approximately 20 persons) is full, it starts transforming them. The system includes a platform to lift the people above the square and separate a group of individuals allowing them to use the square for themselves. Imagine spending time with friends high above other people’s heads; enjoying different performances /theatre, conference/, having a place for those who wish to separate from others or else, for those who wish for a chance meeting. After an event is over, people traverse the platform, which revives the transformer. It becomes a container again; you get out in comfort, leaving the transformer ready for another revival. Enjoy.

Text:Valéria Gašparova

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