Interpretation of Architectural Design Records

CTU, Faculty of Architecture, Thákurova 9, 160 00 Prague

Opening: 10.12. 2013  | 17: 00 CET

06.- 31.12.2013


The linear design process (design in advance) is examined through the sketches. Sketches serve as tools for conceptualization, study of urban changes and dynamic processes in a selected territory. Non-linear design processes are connected with real-time designing, where outcomes of dynamic events are being unpredictable.

Transcript of site

The aim of the transcript is to filter out from the bitmap the three principal elements which are: infrastructure, built-up areas and non built-in areas (parks, free space). This transcript creates the base for generating reactive environment needed for agent-based modeling. The transcript – recording of the site in a bitmap was created with the following procedure. Each color has an alpha value and the color differentiation corresponds to the three differing functions. The red color represents the infrastructure, the black built-up areas and the white color stands for un-built areas (the map legend shows the resolution of transport and residential categories).



Exhibition 2CTU exhibition5





Digital  canvas prints, 4x1300x800mm

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

CTU-Faculty of Architecture | Prague

Academy of Fine  Arts and Design | Bratislava

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