About me

I deal with research of author’s methods of architectural design as well as on impact of theory and new media to the design process. The object of my master thesis called as Localized Experiments (2010) was in a context of urban networks theory intended on generating new spatial connections, reorganisation of space and on creating forms based on specific data resulting from extensional conditions of site. In my dissertation thesis I examined the problem of temporality in architecture through methodologies and techniques of generating non-digital and digital architectural records.


ArtD. in Architecture

2010 – 2013

AFAD/ Bratislava, Department of Architecture

Thesis: Interpretation of Architectural Design Records


2008 – 2010

AFAD, Department of Architecture in Bratislava

LabArch, Diploma project:  Localized Experiments (Urban Strategies)

BSc. in Architecture

2005- 2008

AFAD/ Bratislava, Department of Architecture

Bachelor project: Musical Manifolds – Concert Hall, Karlsplatz Wien

2003- 2005

Academy of Fine Arts and Design / Bratislava,  Department of Printmaking and Other Media



Roofing workshop, CTU-Faculty of Architecture, Prague (CZ) 20.-21.02.2013

Workshop AFAD +  Grape Festival, Piešťany (SK) 11.-13.08.2012

URBANITY-Twenty Years Later- Projects for Central European Capitals, International student workshop Prague (CZ) 24.04.-02.05.2009

TACE /Symposium on Central European Experimental Theatre Space, Ljubljana(SI) 2009

REFORMING MODULARITY, AFAD: co-operation with Cornell University (SK, USA) 2006

VIENNA RIVERSIDE, AFAD: co-operation with Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (AT,SK) 20.02. – 06.03. 2006



Subway: Prints and Models, Architectural  installation project, AFAD, Bratislava. 15.01.-25.01. 2005

Camera Obscura – Museum and Gallery, Exhibition Hall SVÚ, Bratislava, 20.07. 2007

TACE-Theatre Architecture: Vision and Possibilities, Ljubljana City Hall, 25.11-15.12. 2009

Storytelling Pavilion – Architecture Week Prague, Gallery Manes, Prague, 21.09 -04.10. 2009

Storytelling Pavilion – Sensible Surfaces, Gallery Medium, Bratislava, 24.03-12.04. 2009

Foot-bridge | Bratislava, Exhibition Hall SVU, Bratislava, 18.11.-30.11, 2008 Gallery Manes, Prague, 21.09 -04.10. 2009

AFAD| Diploma works 2010 – Kunsthalle, SNP Square 12, Bratislava, 30.06-29.07. 2010

Professor Lacko Award, 2009/10: 20th Annual Student’s Best Diploma Project Competition, Gallery SAS, Bratislava, 21.10-12.11. 2010

ARCHITECTONICS, Gallery SAS, Bratislava, 28.04.-07.05. 2010

No autonomy, no heteronomy: hacking,  An exhibition project (participation): Gallery Medium, Bratislava, 29.05.-03.06. 2012

Interpretation of Architectural Design Records, Author‘s exhibition project, CTU- Faculty of Architecture, Prague, 06.-31. 2013

“Foyer”An exhibition on transitory places on ground & mind- Weißensee Kunsthochschule, Buhringstr. 20, Berlin, 18.11.-12.12. 2014

Urban Ogranisations, C.A.I.S. architects, Prague, 16.01. 2015



Grants participations:

Grant MK SR, AFAD: Department of Architecture, Publication : KATaLOG, 50+ Book under construction, 2011

Grant MK SR, Book project: Bratislava Metropolis?, (FR, SK) Dominique Perrault Architects + Studio Bogár-Králik-Urban, Urban analysis and notations: Valéria Gašparová, 2012-2013

Grant MK SR: Program- Pro Slovakia, 2013

Grant NAKI (CZ), Prague, 2014-2015




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